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Patio Folding Chairs Product Description : Single-Tier Snap-it Locker

Single-Tier Snap-it Locker.

Quick Assembly personal storage lockers feature one top and one bottom fixed height shelf for added storage space.

Full width garment bar allows easy wardrobe storage.

Doors feature a 2-point locking system with a recessed locking handle and single prong hook.

The boltless construction assembles easily without the use of any tools.

The bottom of the door is louvered for ventilation.

Measurements: 18" L x 12" W x 72" H Weight: 50 lbs.

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Patio Folding Chairs Product Feature : Single-Tier Snap-it Locker

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  • Best Prices !! Patio Folding Chairs

    Best Prices !! Patio Folding Chairs

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    Best Sellers in Patio Furniture

    Best Sellers in Patio Furniture

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